Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting in Shape for the Big Cruise

So you have decided to join us for the Childhood Cancer Cruise. We are 400 days away from that dreaded swimsuit!

Whether you have 50 pounds to lose or just want to tone up before the big event. We have the tips and tricks to get you to your goal before the big day!

Today's tip:

Cut out the Soda

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love a nice cold coca cola. I don't drink diet, I don't drink the zero calorie. I drink the old fashion high calorie Coke!

Well we have all heard the facts about soda drinking. It contributes to obesity, tooth decay, caffeine dependence and weakened bones :( Wow when you put it that way my ice cold Coke does not sound all that great.

So what is it that draws me/us to these beverages over and over? It's a combination of the carbonation, sugar and caffeine. The carbonation helps me burp, which helps my acidic stomach (or so it feels like). The caffeine gets me moving when I don't want to move. The sugar is just a general diet flaw I have. Put the three together and you have a recipe for added weight gain, caffeine lows and sugar fueled eating.

Changing from soda to water can drastically change your life. This includes diet sodas too! Yes even diet soda contributes to obesity and tooth decay (caffeine addiction unless you drink caffeine free).

So I challenge you today. Stop your soda drinking in preparation for this big cruise. See what it changes for you and your body. If you cannot totally cut out soda from your diet, try cutting your normal consumption into half, then down to one per day. Do what you can to make this small change on your road to a healthier you in 2011.

I'm off to drink an ice cold glass of water :) Let me know your progress on the soda reduction in your life!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This boat is so NEW...

This boat is so NEW...The Allure of the Seas has no official media pictures available yet from Royal Caribbean. WOW...

This boat is so NEW... the first official sailing has not taken place yet!

This boat is so NEW... only reporters and travel agents have been allowed on board yet.

But here are some videos from the boat courtesy of Royal Caribbean:

Click on these links to view Kathy Lee and Hoda from the Today Show!!!!

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