Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Planning of the Biggest Event EVER!

Soon after my son, Armstrong, was diagnosed with brain cancer I started to learn about the world of social support online. Unfortunately I was not able to totally master this availalbe support until near the end of my son's life. But when I did it was amazing.

Amazing that people who I have never met would send me a dollar to help pay my power bill.

Amazing that a woman I had only met one time would organize a vacation for my whole family when we did not get to go on our Make-A-Wish trip. (Thank you Mimi Avery!).

Amazing that when I could not bear to talk about Cancer and decided to build a well in Africa in my son Armstrong's name... I was able to do it!

And now...after participating as part of the 46 Mommas I am here... Trying to organize the biggest event I have ever been part of. I know I will need help... I know I will need support... and I know I can do this!!